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Research News
ETRI develops high performance, autonomous vehicle processor

Researchers from Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) have developed a high performance processor for autonomous vehicles called Aldebaran.

Improving the Mechanical Properties of Polymer Gels through Molecular Design

A research team has developed new approach to strengthen polymer gels by changing the length of polymer “thread” per molecular “bead”.

Super-Flexible Liquid Crystal Device for Bendable and Rollable Displays

Researchers at Tohoku University have developed a super flexible liquid crystal (LC) device, in which two ultra-thin plastic substrates are firmly bonded by polymer wall spacers.

Mix and match lasers

Combining silicon with an optically active material enables tiny lasers compatible with industrial fabrication techniques.

Defining conservation priorities in tropical and biodiversity rich countries

Rich in biodiversity, with a rapidly growing economy, Malaysia exemplifies the tension between conservation and economic development faced by many tropical countries.




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