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Big data reveals the secret of classical music creation

Professor Juyong Park of KAIST's Graduate School of Culture Technology and his research team recently published the result of their study (“Topology and Evolution of the Network of Western Classical Music Composers”) on the dynamics of how classical music is created, stylized and disseminated in EPJ Data Science online.

Artificial muscles get graphene boost*

Researchers in South Korea have developed an electrode consisting of a single-atom-thick layer of carbon to help make more durable artificial muscles.

Female immune response could hold key to new cancer therapies*

An understanding of natural immune suppression mechanisms in the female reproductive tract could lead to new ways to combat cancer.

Rapid action necessary to protect Malaysia’s sea cows and their habitat*

Malaysia aims to protect 10% of its marine environment by 2020. Less than 1%, however, is currently protected. This may have dire consequences for the country’s endangered dugong population, warn a Malaysian scientist and her research team.

The Mega Trends - a Malaysian Perspective

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) Congress takes place across eighteen cities annually and is a platform to discuss key trends, creating new possibilities, business models and opportunities.




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