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Research News
Improved solar panel monitoring [Asia Research News 2019 Magazine]

A novel solar panel tracer is faster, less expensive and more accurate than conventional devices.

Smarter health monitoring [Asia Research News 2019 Magazine]

A compact sensor noninvasively checks dengue severity and cholesterol at home or in any health care centre.

Moving beyond graphene [Asia Research News 2019 Magazine]

Developing materials similar to graphene remains a challenge, but chemists are making progress, moving closer to smaller, faster electronics and photonics.

Powerful new system for studying diabetic kidney disease [Asia Research News 2019 Magazine]

A new mouse model accurately mimics diabetic kidney disease in humans, suggesting new approaches for treatment.

A peek into lymph nodes

A new method to diagnose cancer cells inside lymph nodes could allow doctors to treat cancers before they spread around the body.