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Research News
The structure of DNA made visible

Researchers in Saudi Arabia have developed a new technique to produce a direct image of the DNA helix and its inner structure.

Using DNA origami to build nanodevices of the future

Scientists have developed a method, using a double layer of lipids, which facilitates the assembly of DNA origami units, bringing us one-step closer to DNA nanomachines.

Turning sewage sludge into concrete

Dried sewage sludge could be an alternative cement material for concrete, researchers in Malaysia have found.

KAIST’s Research Team Receives the Best Paper Award from the IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics

A research team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has received the First Prize Papers Award from the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Transactions on Power Electronics (TPEL).

Single-Crystal Phosphors Suitable for Ultra-Bright, High-Power White Light Sources

Researchers in Japan successfully developed single-crystal phosphors that use a blue LD (laser diode) as an excitation light source, are suitable for ultra-bright, high-power white lighting, and have outstanding temperature characteristics.




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