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Research News
Perovskite solar cells: Can we go lead-free? [Asia Research News 2019 Magazine]

Scientists are investigating the potential of non-toxic materials to replace lead in perovskite solar cells.

Gene regulator goes to town in liver cancer [Asia Research News 2019 Magazine]

Hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis, prognosis and treatment could improve by identifying a closely associated protein.

Learning life outside the classroom [Asia Research News 2019 Magazine]

A multi-generational learning programme shows Hong Kong university students can learn much from older people in the community.

Tweaking tools to track tweets over time

Computer model learns to identify Twitter users’ evolving interests by analyzing their Tweets.

Mitochondria come together to kill cancer cells [Asia Research News 2019 Magazine]

Uncovered details of a molecular pathway in cancer cells could lead to improved treatment.