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Research News
New “tougher-than-metal” fiber-reinforced hydrogels

A team of Hokkaido University scientists has succeeded in creating “fiber-reinforced soft composites,” or tough hydrogels combined with woven fiber fabric. These fabrics are highly flexible, tougher than metals, and have a wide range of potential applications.

Improving DNA-detecting transistors

Graphene-based transistors could soon help diagnose genetic diseases. Researchers in India and Japan have developed an improved method for using graphene-based transistors to detect disease-causing genes.

Public Aging for Wellbeing and Longevity: Science for Human

This is Part 3 of an article written by Sang Chul Park, DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology) Chair Professor and Well Aging Research Center. Sang Chul Park discusses about aging revolution, pursuit for human longevity and well aging.

Up in the air over Arabia: Studying dusty air has both local and global significance

KAUST studies of the effects and transport of dust in the atmosphere yields insights about pollution, climate, agriculture, industry and health

High-sensitivity cameras reveal the atomic structure of metal-organic frameworks

Highly sensitive electron cameras allow researchers to see the atomic structure of metal-organic frameworks.