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Research News
Observation of 4ΛH Hyperhydrogen by Decay-Pion Spectroscopy of Electro-produced Hypernuclei

An international team has been developing a new experimental technique - the decay-pion spectroscopy of electro-produced hypernuclei since 2011.

UKM And Bank Rakyat Foundation To Sustainably Develop An Island

The Bank Rakyat Foundation (BRF) intends to showcase sustainable development on an island at peninsular Malaysia’s east coast with the expertise of The National University of Malaysia (UKM).

World’s Highest Magnetic Field* (1,020MHz) NMR developed

Application of High-Temperature Superconductor Was the Key. A Big Step Forward in Accelerating the Development of New Drugs and Materials

Aromatic couple makes new chemical bonds: Activating esters for synthesizing bioactive derivatives

Making carbon-carbon bonds continues to be an important strategy to synthesize useful pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and organic materials. Chemists have expanded the scope of a Nobel Prize-winning carbon-carbon bond forming reaction by using esters and boronic acids as coupling partners in the presence of an economically friendly nickel catalyst.

PolyU develops a new method for rapid authentication of edible oils and screening of gutter oils

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a new method for rapid authentication of edible oils and screening of gutter oils.




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