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Research News
The first genome of a coral reef fish

A genome for the blacktail butterflyfish may illustrate how reef fish adapt to challenging conditions in the Red Sea.

Gentle sensors for diagnosing brain disorders

New sensor design paves the way for safer and more effective brain monitoring.

Silicon Fluorescent Material Developed Enabling Observations under a Bright “Biological Optical Window”

—Toward the Realization of Deep-Level Bioimaging without Using Toxic Elements or UV Light—

New Multiferroic Materials from Building Blocks

A research group in Japan successfully developed room temperature multiferroic materials by a layer-by-layer assembly of nanosheet building blocks. Multiferroic materials are expected to play a vital role in the development of next-generation multifunctional electronic devices.

X-shape Bio-inspired Structures

Scissor-like structured platform for vibration suppression.




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