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Research News
UNIST Provides New Insights into Underwater Adhesives

An international team of researchers, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has succeeded in developing a new type of underwater adhesives that are tougher than the natural biological counterpart.

Maintaining canola oil quality

A new method helps clarify how canola and other edible oils deteriorate, providing valuable insight for prevention.

Making waves for ultrahigh definition displays

Wavy transistors that vertically gain width without increasing their on-chip footprint could drive future flexible displays.

Enzyme from briny deep resurrected in the lab

Genomes of single microbial cells isolated from the Red Sea could yield a goldmine for biotechnology.

A burning ambition for clean fuel

The transition to renewables will take decades, so we must rush to clean up conventional fuel combustion, says Mani Sarathy.