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Research News
Strong hosts help parasites spread farther

Large, physically strong Masu salmon disperse farther when infected with parasites, potentially escaping from further infections at the contaminated site but ironically resulting in the greater expansion of the parasite, according to Hokkaido University researchers.

Twisted sex allows mirror-image snails to mate face-to-face, research finds

According to a recent study, differently-coiled types of Japanese land snails should in fact be considered a single species.

Improving the femtosecond ultrashort pulse laser

Korean and American researchers develop a new method for making extremely short pulse lasers that could lead to precision eye surgery and material processing.

Simulating surfactants

Small changes to a surfactant’s structure influence its ability to encapsulate oily molecules.

Better ways with X-rays

Low-energy X-rays are surprisingly effective at killing bacterial spores, offering improved sterilization techniques.