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Research News
How to get the most fuel out of microalgae?

Direct electrolysis has mixed results for extracting fuel sources from microalgae.

Modification of Existing Nitrile Latex with Magnetite Nano Particle

The present invention provides a method to produce black iron oxide nanoparticle slurry having a magnetite structure and homogenously disperse. It can be used as formed or mix with other medium.

Sensitive robots feel the strain

Flexible skin for soft robots, embedded with electrical nanowires, combines conductivity with sensitivity within the same material.

Carbon emissions smoked

Helpful microbes inhale CO2 through a porous cylindrical electrode and exude useful chemicals.

PolyU develops state-of-the-art tool and technology to support the nation’s lunar probe

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) proudly supports the nation’s current lunar exploration, Chang’e-4 lunar probe, with advanced technologies.