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Machine Intelligence Summit, Hong Kong, 6-7 June

Discover the latest advances in AI with NASA, Alibaba, HSBC, DHL, Mercedes-Benz and more this June - Offer ends soon.

Discounted attendee tickets for the fifth global Machine Intelligence Summit, taking place in Hong Kong on 6-7 June, ends 16th February. The Machine Intelligence in Healthcare Summit will be taking place at the same time and share a networking space.

Book your place here to save HKD 3,000 and to join industry experts and leading innovators in NLP, end-to-end processing, robotics, virtual assistants, reinforcement learning, deep learning algorithims and more.

Confirmed speakers include:

- Danfeng Li, Director at Alibaba who will discuss the application of machine learning to predict customer's behavious;

- Hamed Valizadegan, Senior Machine Learning Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center will be sharing case studies of applying machine learning in space projects;

- Rajan Kumar Upadhyay, Principal Architect at DHL who will discuss the customer engagement with intelligence bots within supply chain.

Regular attending companies include: HSBC, Panasonic, DBS Bank, Futjitsu, Microsoft and more.

Chinese New year is approaching in 2 weeks! From 5th to 12th February, enter discount code: CNY25 to enjoy extra 25% off on all APAC summits.

We hope to see you at our Machine Intelligence Summit discussing the advancing trends in machine intelligence and their impact on business and society.

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