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Found 54 articles for May 2017.
Mitigating floods with an electronic brain

A computer model that can ‘learn’ like a human brain could help water resource managers reduce damage in cases of extreme flooding.

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Contact: Dr Nayan KANWAL, FRSA, ABIM, AMIS, Ph.D. Institution: Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Category: Technology
The cancer-killing power of plants

Researchers are uncovering specific ways that plant extracts target and kill cancerous cells in the breast and colon.

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Contact: Administrator Account Institution: ResearchSEA Category: Science
Turning a toxoplasma protein into a tool against infection

Understanding how the toxoplasmosis parasite invades cells could result in a vaccine candidate against the disease.

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Contact: University of Malaya Institution: University of Malaya Category: Medicine
Deciphering an embryo-protecting protein

Revelations about a protein expressed in fetal cells could provide novel insights into its function and future immunosuppressive therapies.

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Contact: Katrina-Kay Sepulveda Alaimo Institution: Hokkaido University Category: Medicine
Printed ‘coffee rings’ avoided with nanofibers

Cellulose nanofibers can help particles in ink and printed electronics disperse evenly, rather than spread apart like dried coffee rings.

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Contact: Mikiko Tanifuji Institution: National Institute for Materials Science Category: Science
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