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Article Released Fri-15th-January-2010 15:57 GMT
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Research into biodiversity in environments across the world is more imortant than ever. Here we highlight the many experts and research projects on biodiversity and the environment including the effects of climate change and the discovery of new species. Experts are listed in this article.

Dr. Ang Lai Hoe (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Agroforestry Plantation Silviculture Plant Physiology

Dr. Lee Soon Leong (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Ecology - Forest Forest Genetics Molecular Genetics

Dr. Saw Leng Guan (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Forest Botany Taxonomy Herbarium Curation

Dr. Abd Rahman Kassim (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Management and Silviculture - Natural Forests Quantitative Silviculture Ecology - Forest

Dr. Lee Su See (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Ecology - Forest Forest pathology and Mycorrhizas Microbiology

Dr. Aminah Hamzah (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Horticulture and nursery

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ar. Elias @ Ilias b. Salleh (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Tropical Architecture

Professor Dr. Ghizan Bin Saleh (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Plant Breeding and Genetics

Professor Dr. Maziah Mahmood (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Professor Dr. Mohd Ali Hassan (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Bioprocess Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Said Saad (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Plant Genetic Resources and Plant Breeding

Professor Dr. Muhamad Bin Awang (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Environmental Science (Air Pollution, Ecophysiology of Tropical Rainforests, Environmental Management)

Dr. Lourdes J. Cruz (PHILIPPINES)
Areas of Expertise: Biodiversity, conservation & drug development; anti-TB compounds; conopeptides and other neuroactive compounds; paralytic shellfish poisons and other marine toxins; use of HPLC for quality assessment of honey; linking academe to poor rural communities; defining a socio-cultural development index for indigenous communities

Professor Mashhor bin Mansor (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise:weed ecology, wetlands, biodiversity

Professor Matsumoto, Midori (JAPAN)
Areas of Expertise: biological diversity

Associate Professor Dr. Terasaka, Koichi (JAPAN)
Areas of Expertise: micro-bubbles, ecology, biotechnology

Professor Kiyohiko Ikeda (JAPAN)
Areas of Expertise:waseda, Faculty of International Liberal Studies, Living organisms diversity/classification, Sociology/history of science and technology, Ecology/environment, environmental problem, environment, Biodiversity,Insect fauna,extinction, Population Problem,Ethics,Liberty, Macroevolution,System,Structuralist biology

Professor Yujiro Hayashi (JAPAN)
Areas of Expertise: organic synthesis

Dr. Indraneil Das (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Herpetology, systematics, conservation biology

Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: Wildlife and protected area management; Borneo biodiversity conservation; bat molecular ecology

Associate Professor Dr. Mustafa Abdul Rahman (MALAYSIA)
Areas of Expertise: wildlife ecology, conservation and management, phylogenetic

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