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Article Released Mon-20th-February-2006 11:56 GMT
Contact: Tham Phuong Institution: Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation & Sustainable Use Programme
 Bird Flu – Press monitoring February 20, 2006

‘MNCs exploiting..; No impact of on Bihar market, Govt alerts officials; Pandemic more likely; Cairo zoo closed; 1 life claimed; Indian style of cooking kills virus; Govt prepared; France on war footing; Germany deploys army island; 130 chickens dead in Qena, Egypt; Mr. Yukol affirms Thailand is under ...

This information has been compiled as a courstesy service by the Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme (MWBP) ( from information that is publicly available. The information does not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of MWBP, and the views and information expressed do not necessarily reflect those of MWBP or its partners.

‘MNCs exploiting bird flu'
The Statesman - Kolkata,India
19.-- With bird flu coming to India, the poultry industry today claimed there was no scientific evidence of bird flu and accused multi-national companies of

No impact of bird flu on Bihar market, Govt alerts officials
Hindu - Chennai,India
20. (PTI): Amidst a bird flu scare all over ... Another shopkeeper Birju said "I have not so far heard the news of the bird flu hitting the state of Maharashtra.

Bird flu spreading, pandemic more likely
National Business Review - New Zealand
A New Zealand avian influenza expert says the growing trend of clusters of human bird flu infections in Indonesia is worrying. Bird ...

Bird flu closes Cairo zoo - Qatar
... closed the Cairo zoo and seven other state-run zoos around the country for two weeks after 83 birds died there, some from the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu. ...

Bird flu claims one life
The Tribune - Chandigarh,India
Gujarat is on high alert with cases of bird flu reported in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, bordering the southern part of the state. ...

Indian style of cooking kills bird flu virus
Hindu - Chennai,India
... Sunday said it was safe to consume well-cooked chicken and eggs since the Indian style of cooking, involving deep-frying and boiling, killed the bird flu virus

Govt prepared for bird flu
Hindustan Times - India
... secretary, Health Ministry, said there was no need to panic and contingency action plans were in place to effectively deal with the outbreak of bird flu in the,0015002500000000.htm

Bird flu blues
Financial Express - Bombay,India
What is surprising is not that bird flu has finally hit India but that we managed to escape for so long. Given our poor quarantine ...

France on bird flu war footing
BBC News - UK
... Marinov of the French Poultry Farming Confederation, after France became the latest country in Europe to be hit by H5N1, the virulent strain of bird flu. ...

Germany deploys army in bird flu-ridden island
Xinhua - China
... a special unit on the Baltic Sea island of Ruegen, where over 40 cases of the deadly virus of H5N1 have been found, to intensify the fight against bird flu. ...

Avian Influenza: 130 chickens dead in Qena, Egypt - testing begins
African News Dimension - Johannesburg,South Africa
... Meanwhile, the Ministry confirmed yesterday that no cases of avian flu had been ... H5N1 influenza is mainly a disease of poultry, and has killed or forced the ...$StorySummary$0.$DirectLink$2&sp=l19177

Mr. Yukol affirms that avian influenza in Thailand is under ...
ThaisNews - Bangkok,Thailand
... ยุคล ลิ้มแหลมทอง) expressed confidence that Thailand is able to control the spreading of avian influenza, while preparing to ...

Avian Influenza: Current Situation
Community Dispatch (press release) - USA
... During August to October 2004, sporadic human cases of avian influenza A (H5N1) were reported in Vietnam and Thailand. Beginning ...

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