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Article Released Mon-2nd-March-2015 06:00 GMT
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 Asia Research News 2015 is now available

Read about the first dolphins, antibiotic kits for amateurs, saving the dugong, what quails tell us about human sexuality, the impact of small-scale mining and how open data helps get toilets to people in need.

Asia Research News 2015
Asia Research News 2015 is now available online and as a downloadable PDF. From the discovery of the earliest-known dolphin fossils to the mapping of lunar landscapes, the 2015 issue showcases exciting discoveries across a broad range of disciplines.

Read about advances in nanotechnology, microchips and the Internet; how cigarette butts can store energy and combat dengue; graphene powered artificial muscles and antibiotic kits for amateurs in our technology section.

In our environment pages, we look at dugong conservation efforts in Malaysia, marine biodiversity in the Philippines, climate change in the Himalayas and managing city heat in Singapore.

How does ozone help papaya growers, why are salt-stressed plants high in antioxidants and can eating out be bad for your health? Find out more in our food section.

Our health section highlights advances in understanding and diagnosing cancer, a text-based electronic platform for improving maternal health, a radiation-free method for diagnosing scoliosis, and how quail breeding discoveries shed light on human sexuality.

Finally, our people section profiles, among other things, efforts underway to understand how gender roles contribute to urban violence in Pakistan, the impacts of media and small-scale mining in Indonesia, and how open data helps get toilets to people in need.

Happy reading and we would love to hear from you. You can contact our Editor-in-Chief, Magdeline Pokar at

Asia Research News 2015 is published by ResearchSEA Ltd, Asia's premier platform for raising awareness of Asian research and experts.
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