Event dates: Wednesday, 29th August 2018 08:00 AM to Friday, 31st August 2018 17:00 PM

Location: Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC Contact: Administrator Account
Water Loss Asia 2018

Exhibition-Conference, 29-31 August 2018, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

According to the United Nations, water consumption globally will increase up to 30% by 2020 — just two years away from today. Countries which have already been facing water stress would by now, be experiencing a widening supply gap. Even as you are reading this, 25% – 50% of all treated and distributed water around the globe, is lost due to leakages, theft, ineffective billing, poor pressure management, old and deteriorating infrastructure and many other factors.

Water Utilities understands the urgency of NRW management. Reducing NRW is one of the crucial steps to help cities and countries meet future demands. It is not uncommon now to witness acute water shortage in cities around the world, sometimes even threatening to cut supply to an entire city due to prolonged drought, climate change, population growth, etc.

Water Utilities now face tough challenges to ensure sustainable water supply. Maintaining a low NRW is top priority for many water utilities. However, achieving low NRW is not an easy feat.

Water Loss Asia 2018 aims to bridge the gap, engaging Government, Water Utilities, Industry and Research Institutes (quadruple helix partnership) to highlight NRW challenges faced by Asian Utilities. Through Water Loss Asia 2018, there will be sharing of success (and also less successful) stories, learning how to achieve successful NRW reduction through a holistic approach, discovering how to ensure continuous success, highlighting what are the latest innovative technologies available, and many other knowledge sharing opportunities throughout the event.

Find out more on the Water Loss Asia 2018 website.

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