Event dates: Saturday, 10th February 2007 09:00 AM to Sunday, 11th February 2007 17:00 PM

Location: Science City, Kolkata, India Contact: Events

The theme is “Integration of Traditional and Innovative Technologies for Community Development”. This Congress will to provide a platform for researchers, community-level workers, technology providers and traditional knowledge centres to exchange ideas and experiences on the effective blending of ancient and modern innovative technologies.

10th – 11th February 2007
Science City, Kolkata

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Integration of Traditional and Innovative Technologies for Community Development

Newer fields in scientific and technological researches are opening-up. Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Communication Technologies, Alternate Sources of Energy are some of the key areas where lot of researches and developmental work are going on in different parts of the world as well as in our country too. But most of them are limited to laboratory level researches and judicious implementation of the acquired knowledge for the development of the community is absent in most cases. There have been limited, sporadic efforts to integrate the traditional knowledge of the communities, which has so far strengthened the base of the human civilisation and maintained the ecological balance, with the modern scientific and technological researches.

The aim of the All India Peoples’ Technology Congress is to provide a wide platform of the researchers, the community-level workers, the technology providers, the traditional knowledge centres to exchange their ideas and experiences on the effective blending of ancient and modern innovative technologies so that the benefits of scientific and technological researches are percolated to the poorest of the poor and the nation becomes rich both in tradition and modernisation.

For the sake of effective and to-the-point sharing of knowledge the All India Peoples’ Technology Congress will have eight sub-congresses in the following broad areas:

1. Agriculture & Biotechnology: Application of Biotechnology to attain Food Security / Bio-fertilisers / Integrated Pest Management.

2. Animal Resource Development: Modern, Scientific processes aiming at Rural Employment Generation / Community Participation in Animal Resource Development.

3. Artisanal Technology: Value addition to Traditional Products / Establishment of Marketing Network / Developing Artisan Clusters through Technology Intervention.

4. Energy: Energy Security for developing countries / Alternate Sources of Energy / Electricity for all by 2012.

5. Environment: Clean Development and Environmental Security / Solid Waste Management / Water Resource Management.

6. Information Technology: Rural I.T. Kiosks and ICT – a tool for community knowledge enhancement / Bridging the Digital Divide / Free Software Movement.

7. Shelter: Shelter for all / Cost-effective Technologies / Eco-friendly Buildings

8. Urban Development: Displacement and Rehabilitation / Urbanisation vis-à-vis protection to ecology and environment.

• Scientists, Engineers, Technologists and Scientific Workers attached to Government Departments, Private Organisations, Non-government Organisations, Local Self Governments;

• Professors, Scientists and Researchers attached to Universities, Engineering and Technical Institutes, R&D Institutes;

• Field Level Developers, Activists working in scientific and technical fields, Members of Self Help Groups, Farmers’ Clubs, Rural Cooperatives etc.

• Students of Universities, Engineering, Science and Technical Colleges

Science City, Kolkata is located on Eastern Metropolitan By-pass. This is at a distance of 16 km from Howrah Station, 8 km from Sealdah Station and 16 km from Netaji Subhas International Airport, Dumdum.

All participants including authors, co-authors (if any) have to submit the attached Registration Form duly filled-in and signed.

Registration Fees:
A. Paper-presenters and Delegates from Non-government Organisations, Representative from Panchayats, Local Self Governments and Individuals :Rs.200.00

B. Paper-presenters and Delegates from Institutes, Government Departments, Other Organisations : Rs.2000.00

C. Paper-presenters and Delegate: Student (Authorisation letter from Head of the Institute has to be attached to the Registration Form), Member of Farmers Clubs, Self Help Groups, Rural Cooperatives, FOSET member : Rs.100.00

Modes of payment:
•Cheque / Bank Draft drawn in favour of “Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists” on any Kolkata Branch of a Bank (Please add Rs.25/-for cheques drawn on banks located outside Kolkata)

•Money Order (to be sent to Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists, 15N Nelli Sengupta Sarani (5th Floor), Kolkata-700087)

•Cash - to be deposited to the Office Assistant, Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists, 15N Nelli Sengupta Sarani (5th Floor), Kolkata-700087 between 12 Noon and 8 P.M. on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

Moderate Accommodation with Food may be arranged on receiving request and necessary charges of Rs.250/- per person along with Registration Fees.

The Organising Committee will try to arrange accommodation at Guest Houses of different Institutes from 9th February 2007 - 12 Noon to 12th February 2007 - 12 Noon. The above charges are for subsidised accommodation and food for all these days.

The Organising Committee may waive the Registration and Accommodation Charges and reimburse to-and-fro “2nd Class / Sleeper Class” train fare to the Principal Author / Presenter of selected papers presented by Students or Members of Non-govt. Organisations. This will be under the sole discretion of the Organising Committee.

Subhendu Mitra
General Secretary,
Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists (FOSET)
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New CMC Building (5th Floor), Kolkata – 700 087, West Bengal.

Phone: (033) -2252 9675, Fax: (033)-2252 0521, (Between 12 Noon and 8 P.M. on weekdays)
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