Event dates: Sunday, 9th September 2007 09:00 AM to Wednesday, 12th September 2007 17:00 PM

Location: Beijng, China Contact: Events
International Symposium on Photo-electronic Detection and Imaging

Beijing, China - This symposium will provide an international forum for the most recent and advanced issues concerning photoelectronic detection and imaging technologies, as well as to foster R&D collaboration amongst academies, research institutions and the relevant industries.

Session 1 Photoelectronic Imaging

·Image tube(Image intensifiers and high-speed photographic image converter tubes)

·Photon-counting device and systems

·Image Pick-up device and systems

·Electron optics, MCP(Micro Channel Plate), photocathode, phosphor screen

·Low light level imaging systems

Session 2 Photoelectronic Detection

·Photodetector material

·Photoelectric detectors

·Un-cooled infrared detectors

·Performance testing and evaluation of detectors

·Infrared imaging and detecting systems

Session 3 Image Processing

·Assessment and improvement of image quality

·Pattern recognition, image fusion and super-resolution

·Multi-dimensional image processing (color and spectral)

·3D image acquisition and display

Session 4 Opto-Electronic system design, Manufacturing and Testing

·Novel optical system design and optimization

·Micro-optics, diffractive optics and applications

·Advanced optical manufacturing and testing technology

·Aspheric and free-form optical element fabrication and metrology

·Optical thin film technology

Session 5 Related technology and Applications

·The detection and imaging

·Laser detection and imaging

·Ultraviolet and X-ray detection and imaging

·Measurement and evaluation of photoelectronic detection systems

·Application of Pholoelectronic detection systems

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