Event dates: Wednesday, 7th March 2007 10:00 AM to Wednesday, 7th March 2007 12:00 PM

Location: ISEAS, Singapore Contact: Events
Energy Efficiency in the Japanese Way

Singapore - Energy conservation in Japan has improved rapidly, as much as by 30% in the last 10 years. Find out how in this seminar.

In 1973, a brief panic occurred in Japan, known as the ”Oil Shock”, which brought about the dawn of energy conservation in Japan. Since then, energy conservation in Japan has improved rapidly, as much as by 30% in the last 10 years, and this level has reached the world’s top ranks. The Japanese government recently set further energy conservation measures by 30% increase in the next 10 years as a policy. Now the world is seriously worried about energy security, and some observers say it is only necessary to spread leading Japanese technology to the world. This may be true, however, there are significant issues to overcome to achieve it. Energy conservation technologies are not only established as products themselves but are also closely integrated to production technologies. Significant energy conservation can be achieved only by the accumulation of small clusters of products and production technologies. To achieve significant energy conservation, some changes in the social system would be necessary. At the same time, changes of people’s mentality and attitudes would be very important.

The speaker, Mr Makoto Nishimura - Exec VP of Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute in Japan - will discuss some examples of cluster of technologies and the hurdles that should be overcome.

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