Event dates: Monday, 19th March 2007 09:00 AM to Monday, 19th March 2007 17:00 PM

Location: Singapore Contact: Events
UK-Singapore Workshop in Mathematical Biology on Host-Pathogen Interactions

Singapore - This workshop aims to bring together researchers from the United Kingdom and Singapore who will share their exciting findings and views on various aspects of this field.

Modeling in biology has become an important tool touching several key aspects. One domain that has been heavily influenced in the recent past by such models is that of host-pathogen interactions. Several key insights that have shaped our recent understanding of the dynamics of cells, pathogens, disease progression and epidemiology in diseases such as HIV have come from mathematical models, several of which are increasingly becoming very sophisticated. Their influence is extending from the laboratory to key areas such as public health policies. This has to a great extent, been driven by the tremendous advances in experimental techniques such as live cell imaging microscopy.


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