Event dates: Tuesday, 29th May 2007 09:00 AM to Tuesday, 29th May 2007 17:00 PM

Location: Manila, Philippines Contact: Events
Asia/Pacific Security & Continuity Conference 2007

Manila, Philippines - This conference will address how to battle sophisticated IT threats to enterprises.

Battling sophisticated threats: Security strategies for the resilient enterprise

For many years, IT security discussions were dominated by virus outbreaks, keeping script kiddies out of corporate networks, and basically having updated backups. But today's threat landscape has changed. Corporate security threats have become more multifaceted, networks have become more open, and hackers are becoming targeted, better and faster.

To make matters worse, the roles of IT infrastructure engineers and security managers have become broader with increased responsibilities. Their many stakeholders have different demands:

Senior management wants to hear about practices that contribute to the firm's success.
External customers, suppliers, and partners want protection as well.
Compliance officers want to move beyond satisfying legal regulations and focus on internal intellectual property protection and other issues. And the costs of these efforts are increasing!
These decision makers need to put a security strategy in place to make the enterprise resilient and prepare for tomorrow's challenges in a cost-effective manner.

Critical questions you should consider

In view of the market's needs, comprehensive security solutions have appeared in the market over the past 1-2 years, offering holistic protection. What exactly do these solutions include? What are the features and benefits to look out for? Are there any pitfalls?

Business agility is another key objective in recent times, and it means a demand for constant change in services and processes delivered by IT. Change means instability and the potential for service disruption and security exposure. What are the security strategies that will keep businesses up and running?

Security and continuity issues are vital and need to be addressed in order for the enterprise to be resilient and agile. Indeed, the security software market in Asia/Pacific (Ex Japan) is forecast to grow with CAGR of 16% for the next few years to hit US$1.7bn in 2010.

Hot topics we will discuss

At the Asia/Pacific Security & Continuity Conference 2007, IDC analysts, top vendor partners and industry gurus will share their insights, showcase the latest offerings and solutions in the market, as well as answer the enterprise's most pressing questions!


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