Event dates: Tuesday, 18th March 2008 09:00 AM to Thursday, 20th March 2008 17:00 PM

Location: Bhopal, India Contact: Announcements
15th ISME International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Bhopal, India - The event covers a wide ranging themes related to mechanical engineering.

The conference aims to cover a wide ranging themes including:

Fluid & Thermal Engineering:

· Fluid Mechanics

· Heat Transfer

· Computational Fluid Dynamics

· IC Engine

· Automobile Engineering

· Combustion and Pollution Control

· Power Plant Engineering

· Fuel Cell Technology

· Thermal Systems

· Refrigeration & Air conditioning

Solid Mechanics & Design

· Computer aided design

· Robotics

· Tribology and Maintenance

· Stress Analysis and Fracture Mechanics

· Simulation & Modeling

· Vibration and Noise Control

Production Engineering

· Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

· Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

· Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

· Group Technology

The University, soon after its establishment, has focused its attention on a five point agenda which includes: Curriculum innovation and Examination Reform; Strategic framework for synergetic partnership wit5h the industries; National and global networking; Faculty development; Quality and productivity audit of all the services offered including the quality of teaching and research. The University has setup UTDs in the area of Information Science & Technology, Energy & Environment Management, Bio-Technology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Contact Address:

Dr. Naresh Bhatnagar

Mechanical Engineering Department,

Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi

Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016

Secretary, ISME Int. Conference 2008



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