Event dates: Wednesday, 4th November 2009 09:00 AM to Friday, 6th November 2009 17:00 PM

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Second Middle East Congress on Age, Ageing, & Alzheimer’s (MECAAA)

The 2nd Middle East Congress of Age, Ageing, and Alzheimer’s will bring together a network of key players, renowned scientists and professionals representing all the following fields of gerontology and geriatrics

Challenges in Geriatric Care
Nov 4-6 Tripoli-Lebanon


The 2nd Middle East Congress of Age, Ageing, and Alzheimer’s will bring together a network of key players, renowned scientists and professionals representing all the following fields of gerontology and geriatrics: Research and education, social services, nursing or care homes, relevant public and administrative authorities as well as any other discipline dealing with the elderly or their quality of life.

Major changes continue to occur in Geriatric Care in the Region. There are increasing external and internal pressures to improve the quality of patient care, providing better services for the elderly , and to emphasize health policies and regulation that protect the elderly in the region. Hence the conference on “The Challenges in Geriatric Care” will involve public organizations and NGOs cooperating to share information, skill and experience in a gradually increasing manner, and taking the lead in great social developments with the resulting synergy, reveals itself as a phenomenon worth appreciation. Moreover, the developments gain speed with the financing provided by the business world, which is aware and conscientious of its social responsibilities.

The main objectives of the event are:
- To bring the global phenomenon of aging to the attention of the regional countries;
- To help in developing a national ageing policy;
- To help in developing the concepts of geriatric care and services;
- To analyzing in cultural terms the phenomenon of aging;
- To look at current training institutions and specialized personnel trainings;
- To present the major scientific advances' in gerontology and the latest findings in the field of ageing
- To examine the impact of demographic trends;
- To present the progress of care management and quality;
- To facilitate the dialogue between academics and practitioners on the one hand, with the decision makers and those responsible for allocating resources on the other hand.

You can be a part of this major event as one of its financial supporters. This Second Middle East Congress on Age Ageing & Alzheimer's offers companies optimal exposure and a unique opportunity for promotion.

The exhibition will provide the opportunity to meet experts and professionals, to share ideas and
experiences with colleagues from around the world, to learn about projects and techniques from five continents and to strengthen the formal and informal ties between professionals.

The exhibition space located close to the conference rooms, you will be communicating with a specialized, target audience that is focused on your business. The exhibition will be an ideal platform for presenting your products and services as well as for meeting current and prospective customers.


Middle Eastern countries have certain cultural, social and economic characteristics in common with similar aspiration. The percentage of elderly in the Middle East is expected to increase with improvement of the health care delivery in the area. The region , like other developing countries, needs to define the policies and programs that will reduce the burden of aging populations on the society and its economy. There is a need to ensure the availability of health and social services for older persons and promote their continuing participation in a socially and economically productive life.
In attempt to answer some of the deficit in the region, the MEAAA was established on 2005 in order to support various activities in the field of aging and Alzheimer's disease
The purposes of The MEAA shall be to advance the scientific and scholarly study of aging and to promote human welfare by the encouragement of gerontology and geriatrics in all its areas.

Therefore, the Society's objectives shall be:
- to promote the scientific study of aging in both the biomedical and behavioral/social sciences; by direct members and member organizations, and to promote cooperation among these organizations to support the Middle-East journal of Age & Aging
- to promote research and knowledge about Alzheimer's disease and to raise public awareness about the disease
- to stimulate communications among scholarly disciplines, and among professionals including researchers, teachers, administrators, and others;
- to expand education in aging; and to develop the qualifications of gerontologists by setting high standards of professional ethics, conduct, education, and achievement. To promote training of highly qualified personnel in the fields of aging.
- to foster application of research to the field of practice; and to advance the utilization of research in the development of public policy; and to disseminate research findings by means of its publications;
- to promote the interests of the gerontological organizations and individual members in all questions pertaining to foreign or international matters.
- to promote and assist in the arrangements for holding the Middle-Eastern Congress of Gerontology at intervals determined by the Council.

The association has been registered in Switzerland and the secretariat office is at Abyad Medical Center -Tripoli , Lebanon.

The web site is hosted in Australia


The First Middle East Congress on Ageing took place in Istanbul Turkey between March 15-19, 2006. Under the auspices of the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The congress was organized with full support of the Turkish Government and full collaboration of the Middle East Association of Aging and Alzheimer's. MEAAA was one of the main organizer that helped in establishing a strong Scientific committee from the Middle East.

The First Middle East Aging Congress inspired from the recommendations stressing the need to develop "Regional Action Plans for Aging" arising as the outcome of the UN 2nd World Congress on Aging, the European Federation of the Elderly Migrants (ERFEM) took the first steps and started working to address the subject matter of the "International Middle East Congress on Aging" within a broad framework and with a multidisciplinary approach. As a result of the talks held with officials in Turkey and in various European Countries, and due to the general tendency that Turkey would be a more suitable place for such a Congress, the congress organization efforts are now being carried out at a broader dimension with the cooperation of ERFEM, the Turkish Geriatrics Foundation (TÜGEV), Social Services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK), the Greater Municipality of Istanbul (IBB), and the Middle East Association on Aging and Alzheimer MEAAA.


Abyad Medical Center
Middle East Association on Age, Ageing & Alzheimer's-MEAAA
The Health Ministers' Council for the Cooperation Council States
Lebanese order of physicians-Tripoli-Lebanon
Middle-East Longevity Institute
Middle-East Network on Aging Research-MENAR
Middle East Network on Elderly Care Services – MENECS
Multi Medial Medical University-Australia
Medi+WORLD International-Australia


World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA): Working Party on Mental Health
International Association on Gerontology & Geriatrics- IAGG Clinical Section European Region
Middle-East Primary Care Research Network
Middle-East Journal of Age & Aging
Middle-East Journal of Family Medicine
Middle-East Journal of Nursing
Middle East Journal of Internal Medicine
Fondazione GAIA-Italy


North America and Canada
Prof. Toni C. Antonucci, Ph.D., University of Michigan, USA

Prof. Dr. Sijmen Duursma -The Netherlands
Prof. Jean-Pierre Michel -Switzerland
Prof. Dr. M.W. Ribbe-The Netherlands
Prof. Peter Come-UK
Prof. Francesco Marotta-Italy
Prof. Palmi Johnsson, MD, FACP, Iceland
Dr. Gabriel Ivbijaro, United Kingdom
Prof. Igor Svab (Slovenia)
Dr. Evelyn van Weel (Netherlands)
Prof. Magda Tsolaki (Greece)
Prof. Mario Barbagallo(Italy)

Middle East
Dr.. Fawzi Amin- Kingdom of Bahrain.
Dr. Nabil Al Kurashi –Saudi Arabia

Asia Pacific
Prof. Perminder Sachdev-Australia

A.Abyad, MD, PhD, MBA, MPH, AGSF-Lebanon
Tawfik A M Khoga, MBBS,DPHC, FRCGP,FFPH,FRCP (UK)-Saudi Arabia

Chairman: Dr. Fuad .Antun-Lebanon
Dr Walid A. Al-Malik-Saudi Arabia
Dr Ahamed Husari-American University of Beirut-Lebanon
Prof Mona Siha -Eygpt
Dr. Thamer Kadum Yousif Al Hilfy-Iraq
Prof. Khulood Muhiddin, MB, ChB, PhD (Lond), FRCP-UK
Prof Faisal Alnasir-Kingdom of Bahrain
Dr Lucja Kolkiewicz (UK)
Professor Femi Morakinyo (Nigeria)
Professor Christos Lionis (Greece)
DR Jameela Al Salman- Kingdom of Bahrain
Ms oussama Yammine –Lebanon
Dr Khaled Hussein-Lebanon

Chairman : Dr. Omar Ayyash -Lebanon
Dr. Mona Alshaik Almahmood- Kingdom of Bahrain
Ms Lesley Pocock-Australia
Dr Jill Benson (Australia)
Dr Abdullah Al-Khatami (Saudi Arabia)

Chairman :
Dr Henk Parmentier (UK)
Dr Juan Mendive (Spain)
Dr Eleni Palazidou (UK)


Mrs Siba Abyad, MEAMA executive secretary ,
Abyad Medical Center
Azmi Street,
Tel : 00961-6-443685
Fax : 00961-6-443686
E-mail : aabyad@cyberia.net.lb
website: http://www.meama.com/secondconference/index.htm


Tel : 00961-3-201901
E-mail : aabyad@cyberia.net.lb
website: http://www.meama.com/secondconference/index.htm


Dec 2008: First announcement

Jan 2009: Application for sponsorship & exhibition space open

April 2009:Second announcement on-line; On-line registration open

June 2009: Preliminary program on-line

August 2009: Last day to submit a proposal for an industry-sponsored satellite symposium; Scientific Bulletin released; Exhibition services guide on-line

August 2009: On-line hotel booking open

2-3 Nov 2009: Set up & exhibition mantling

4-6 Nov 2009: II Middle East Congress of Age Ageing and Alzheimer's

4-6 Nov 2009: Exhibition open

7 Nov 2009: Dismantling

- All Lebanese physicians especially those related to the following societies:
o Lebanese Society for Geriatric Medicine
o Lebanese Society for Internal Medicine
o Lebanese Society for General Practitioners
o Lebanese Society of NUS dollarsology
o Lebanese Society of Psychiatry
- Arab physicians
- psychologists
- Nurses
- Social workers
- Physiotherapist
- Nutritionist, and all interested in elderly care
- Others

Middle East and Aging
- Demographic developments
- Current geriatrics policies in the region
- Public health issues on ageing
- Epidemiological issues on ageing
- Economic aspects on ageing
- Social policies on ageing
- Role of Non governmental organizations

Health care services for the Elderly
- Effect of demographic developments on health care services
- Overall view of current existing geriatrics services
- Geriatrics services at hospital
- Geriatrics services at home
- Geriatrics services at specialized facilities
- Special units for Alzheimer’s or other diseases
- Rehabilitation services
- Right to equal use of health services

Mental Health
- Psychiatric illness in the elderly including
- Depression
- Suicidal
- Agitation
- Psychotic problems
- Delirium
- Others
- Alzheimer’s disease
- Dementia syndrome
- Minimal cognitive impairment
- Behavioral , psychological, social disorder
- Spiritual health

Geriatric Syndrome
- Cerebrovascular diseases including stroke /TIA/Parkinson
- Cardiac failure/Atherosclerosis/Vascular disease and hypertension
- Pulmonary disorders in the elderly including COPD
- Frailty/Fall/physical exercise
- Osteoporosis
- Metabolic syndrome/Diabetes/obesity/nutrition
- Gender specific medicine /Menopause/Andropause
- Urinary Incontinence
- Frailty
- Rehabilitation
- Others

Special organs issues in Geriatrics
- Ophthalmological issue in the elderly
- ENT issues for the elderly
- Hearing problems in the elderly

New Technologies
- Genetic engineering
- Use of stem cells
- Anti-ageing issues

Cosmetic issues
- Use of plastic surgery in the elderly
- Skin disorders in the elderly

Training and Education
- Existing health manpower in the field
- Current need for trained workers in the field of ageing
- Future need of trained personnel
- Existing training programs for geriatrics and gerontology
- Undergraduate medical education in the field of ageing
- Postgraduate medical education
- Training for the paramedical team
- The MEAMA model

The Elderly People and Developments
- Active participation in social life and development process
- Working life and elderly labor power
- Rural development, migration and urbanization
- Access to information, life-long learning and formation
- Intergenerational solidarity
- Income, social security and prevention of poverty
- The aging phenomenon and women

Support Mechanisms
- Accommodation and environmental conditions
- Supporting care and service providers
- Neglect, abuse and extortion of violence to elderly
- The place of the elderly in the family and in society

Other Issues
- Research issue in aging
- Evidence-based Practice
- Quality in Patient Care
- Ethics in Healthcare
- Dental and Oral Health

Will cover the topic of health care services for the Elderly including:

- Health Care System: Health Care Financing: Mechanisms and Implications Health services issues, health settings, health systems , WHO, country health policies Home care/community care/general practitioners/nursing home care/community services/primary health care Needs assessment for services Quality of care, quality indicators

- Acute care v Chronic care- where is the government heading with elderly care?
- Community interface:
o Community supports and their appropriate use Appropriate use of residential care for elderly people Community resources, prevention of institutionalization

- Ethical Issues Advance Directives, Limitation of treatment, competency, guardianship ,Wills and durable power of attorney , Decision-Making Capacity, Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, Health Care Rationing,
- Palliative care & Pain Management
- End-of-Life Care
- Cultural aspects, Participants should be familiar with the influence of culture and ethnicity on the aging process, health and disease perception, and access to medical care

- Abuse & Neglect Institutional Abuse, Physical abuse, Abuse and neglect of elderly, mentally frail people , Abuse, neglect and the Complaints systemSocial services ‘Response to Abuse and neglect’


4-6 Nov 2009

Quality Inn


For Registration, General inquiries and Sponsoring:
Mrs Siba Abyad, MEAMA executive secretary ,
Abyad Medical Center
Azmi Street,
Tel : 00961-6-443685
Fax : 00961-6-443686
E-mail : aabyad@cyberia.net.lb

For Scientific program inquiries:
Dr Fuad Antun
Dr A. Abyad

For Exhibition inquiries:
Dr Omar Ayyash
Phone: 961-3-310839
Fax: 961-6-443684
E-mail: ayashomar@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.meama.com/secondconference/index.htm

Dr A. Abyad
Phone: 961-3-201901
Fax: 961-6-443684
E-mail: aabyad@cyberia.net.lb
Website: http://www.meama.com/secondconference/index.htm

English is the official language of the Congress.

An application for CME Credits will be made once the scientific program is finalized. Further details will be available on the Congress web site:

We recommend that all participants take out a personal travel and health insurance for their trip.

Tripoli is one hour away from Beirut international airport. Taxis are also readily available. In addition the organizer of the conference are organizing the transport for people interested with meet and assist services.

Hotel rooms in various price categories have been reserved for the 2nd Middle East Congress in Tripoli. For all your hotel reservations, please contact the Organizing secretariat.
Detailed and useful information on all pre-selected hotels, including photos, access map, location,
distance from congress venue and prices will be available on the congress website
http://www.meama.com/secondconference/index.htm beginning June 2009.



Hotel rooms in various price categories have been reserved for the 2nd Middle East Congress on Age , Ageing and Alzheimer’s in Tripoli. For all your hotel reservations, please contact the Organizing secretariat.

Detailed and useful information on all pre-selected hotels, including photos, access map, location,
distance from congress venue and prices will be available on the congress website

www.meama.com/secondconference/index.htm beginning July 2009.


For group accommodation (10 rooms or more), the Organizers have blocked hotel rooms in all
categories. For more information please contact the Organizing secretariat at amc_lb@yahoo.com


Registration fees is 200 US dollars

Registration fee includes
All scientific and poster sessions
Access to exhibition area
Conference bag and documentation
Name badge
Certificate of attendance
Welcome reception
Coffee break

No Registration will be confirmed until payment is received
Method of payment
By bank transfer to :

Abyad Medical Center
Account number : 0827432
Blom bank
Azmi street branch

Cancellation policy

All cancellations must be made in writing to the conference Secretariat. From June 31st 2009 onwards: Cancellation of the reservation will involve the loss of 100% of the registration fees


- Group registration requests (minimum of 10 participants) will be processed on-line.

- For detailed information and guidelines, please contact the Organizing secretariat directly at

Mrs Siba Abyad, MEAMA executive secretary ,
Abyad Medical Center
Azmi Street,
Tel : 00961-6-443685
Fax : 00961-6-443686
E-mail : aabyad@cyberia.net.lb; amc_lb@yahoo.com

- Group registration will not be available after 5 Sept 2009; all new registrations will be handled on an individual basis.

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