Event dates: Monday, 8th June 2009 09:00 AM to Thursday, 11th June 2009 17:00 PM

Location: Singapore Contact: Announcements
World Vaccine Congress Asia 2009

Singapore - World Vaccine Congress Asia 2009, will bring together global and regional vaccine buyers and sellers, regulators, investors, technology and service providers to discuss best business strategies in accessing different vaccine markets in Asia and forging strategic partnerships for international success.

4 great reasons why you should attend World Vaccine Congress Asia 2009!
Hear directly from CEOs of the biggest vaccine players - We have put together a CEO Keynote Interview session where the CEOs of leading companies will reveal their plans and strategies in expanding their vaccine business into Asia. Put them in the spotlight with a one-on-one interview!

Get involved in key global public health initiatives - Meet representatives from UNICEF, WHO, ADB, PATH and more public health authorities as they increasingly play a vital role in the Asian vaccine industry. We have gathered the most influential public health leaders to present their programs and procurement plans in addressing the unmet needs of Asia.

Develop the right marketing and distribution strategies for Asia - When the only way to keep up is to get ahead of your competitors, how do you prepare for such a task? Listen to how market leaders have successfully introduced their blockbuster vaccines into the Asian market.

Discover emerging vaccine innovations
from Asia – Find out about the next generation vaccines developed by leading Asian institutions as they present their latest breakthroughs. Take this chance to learn about the successful techniques that will give your R&D the boost that it needs.

Are we pandemic ready? Find out at the Pre-conference's Influenza Vaccine Summit - a summit dedicated to tackle the latest developments in influenza.

The H1N1 (swine flu) has reached the shores of Asia. This is the first time the WHO had declared a Phase 5 outbreak, the second-highest on its threat scale, indicating a pandemic could be “imminent”. To date, it remains probable that the alert level would be raised from its current level of 5 to the top of the six-stage scale.

Stockpiling of anti-flu drugs is the top most priority of Asian health ministers as they prepare for the possible outbreak of H1N1 in the region. The main concerns are – whether the current stockpile is enough for the region and how quickly a vaccine can be produced in the event of an outbreak.

The program will discuss topics that include preparing for a pandemic, the seasonal flu, technologies for scale up production and many more.

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