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Improving drone performance in headwinds

Stability of unmanned aerial vehicles in heavy winds can be improved through rotor placement and angle, according to a team from Tohoku University and Kanazawa Institute of Technology.

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Contact: Naoko Odajima Institution: Tohoku University
Ultra-high speed Wi-Fi developed for Seoul’s subway trains

A mobile hotspot network will enable riders on fast-moving trains to stream HD videos without interruption while underground, thanks in part to a newly-developed mmWave wireless backhaul technology. The first commercial service using this technology will debut later this year.

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Contact: Noh Hoon PARK Institution: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI)
“Zipping-up” rings to make nanographenes

A fast and efficient method for graphene nanoribbon synthesis
Scientists at Nagoya University have now developed a fast way to form nanographenes in a controlled fashion.

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Contact: Ayako Miyazaki Institution: Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (WPI-ITbM), Nagoya University
EmTech Asia 2018

EmTech Asia explores future of life, humanity and economy

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Contact: Administrator Account Institution: ResearchSEA
Super-adsorbent MOF to control humidity

A metal-organic framework that can take up twice its weight in water and then release it when humidity falls.

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Contact: Carmen Cecile Denman Institution: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
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