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Second Asia Microfinance Forum

Hanoi, Vietnam - This major international event will focus on the latest opportunities to grow microfinance availability through linkages with the financial system, new partnerships and innovative applications of technology.

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Christchurch, New Zealand - This is the event where leading Internet industry presenters discuss the latest developments for managing Internet resources. The meetings are your opportunity to contribute to the policy development process.

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Kathmandu, Nepal - This is the only major International networking technologies event in Nepal.

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WorldCALL 2008 - Call Bridges the World

Fukuoka, Japan - WorldCALL is a worldwide professional association for teachers and educators interested in computer assisted language learning.

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eIndia 2008 - Opportunities for Digital India

New Delhi, India - eINDIA2008 is an inclusive, consultative and constructive ICT for Development forum - the largest and only one of its kind in India - promoting and propagating the use of ICT4D through its seven seminal thematic track conferences.

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