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Travel & Tourism Fair-Kolkata

Kolkata, India - TTF is the largest network of Travel Shows in India.With more than 550 Exhibitors from 20 countries and 29 Indian States / UTs, and a committed visitorship of more than 105,000 visitors,

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Infrastructure Australia

Melbourne, Australia - The Infrastructure Australia Exhibition will provide a platform for exhibitors to showcase their products and services and bring together leading projects from Australia that deal with Infrastructure in some shape or form.

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MALBEX-Malaysian International Building Exposition

KL, Malaysia - This year’s exhibition theme - “Building Global Opportunities at Malbex” aims to boost vast business potential of the emerging building industry as well as to explore strategic collaboration across the region.

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Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products Exhibition

KL, Malaysia - Asia Consumer Fair is an event that will serve as a platform to further strengthen links between Malaysia as well as in the neighboring countries. It will help to promote opportunities, sales and awareness in the trade and tourism of participating countries.

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Bangkok, Thailand - The event shows the way to strengthen Garment and Textile industrial associations and clusters to compete in global market, and Free Trade Agreement.

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