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Pharma Bangladesh 2008

Bangladesh - The event will feature the World’s spectrum of latest machinery, equipment & technology required by the Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh, which is rapidly growing and with its fast pace looking beyond the borders of Bangladesh, is all set to become the emerging largest sector earning foreign exchange for the country.

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2nd Meditex Bangladesh 2008

Bangladesh - This event is very important for Bangladesh for the Healthcare Industry as it offers an Industry specific showcase of Hospital, Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment, Healthcare products, solutions and services from leading companies from across the globe.

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2nd Annual Clinical Trials Excellence

Singapore - This event will discuss, among others, the on-going pressing concerns faced in clinical trials operations, addressing the risks, timeline and budget constraint, whilst effectively tackling key challenges in overcoming trials agreement and site contract negotiation hurdles.

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MedChem India

Bangalore, India - This event will include Pharma Development and Case Studies, Modelling, SAR and
Synthesis, Target Identification, Lead Optimisation & Business Partnering. There will also be a pre-conference course on Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis.

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4th Pharmaceutical Industry in Thailand 2008 Conference

Bangkok, Thailand - This event brings together key authoritative figures, high-profile industry players, and experts from both local and regional markets to address the regulatory policies, latest developments, industry challenges & new investment opportunities in the Thai pharmaceutical industry.

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