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ASEAN Energy Business Forum

Singapore - This is an excellent opportunity to meet the decision makers in the energy industry in the most vibrant locations in Asia.

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The 11th UNESCO-APEID International Conference

Bangkok - Reinventing Higher Education: Toward Participatory and Sustainable Development. This conference will provide a unique forum for participants to explore the role and involvement of universities and higher education institutions within the framework of participatory development.

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13th ASEAN Summit

Singapore - "Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development is a key theme of discussions at the upcoming 13th ASEAN Summit and its related meetings in Singapore held in November 2007.

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TUNZA International Youth Conference

Leverkusen, Germany - The Conference is one of the main platforms for cooperation and interaction between UNEP and its youth partners.

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IAEA General Conference and IAEA Scientific Forum

Vienna, Austria - The general conference is where high-ranking officials and representatives from IAEA Member States will consider a range of issues. While the Forum is to stimulate discussion on scientific and other issues relating to the IAEA’s activities.

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