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The ASEAN Ports and Shipping Exhibition and Conference

Johor, Malaysia -- This is the largest annual Container Ports, Shipping, and Transport Logistics Exhibition and Conference in the ASEAN region and one of the largest throughout Asia.

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EnterpriseIT – Asia’s Definitive Enterprise Technology Event

Singapore - As the Asia Pacific region continues to be one of the fastest growing market opportunity with a huge untapped potential for IT services and solutions, the event has grown to become a notable enabler, critical to the success of both Asia Pacific-grown and International IT services providers aspiring for expansion throughout the region.

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Horizontal & Multilateral Wells Asia 2007

KL, Malaysia - Achieving a holistic approach by optimising drilling, completion and production to mitigate risks and reduce operating costs.

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Hedge Fund Investments Japan IQ 2007

Tokyo, Japan - This excellent conference brings together a group of world experts. Not only does it provides business opportunity, it also gives you a greater understanding of how to tackle the Japanese market.

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Real Estate Investment IQ 2007

Hong Kong - This event brings together experts for an in-depth analysis of the most important and practical issues facing the industry

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