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MTA Malaysia 2007

MTA Malaysia 2007 is reputed to be THE EVENT that gathers world’s leading metalworking and precision engineering solution providers and top buyers in the manufacturing industry.

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China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Exhibition (CIPPE)

This is known as the premier exhibition in the petroleum and petrochemical industries in China and has 6 successful events in a row.

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2nd Asia-Pacific Base Oil Conference

More than 2.7 million metric tons of new capacity will be installed in the Asia-Pacific region by the end of this decade. Find out who these new base oil players are and what their plans are.

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The Lancet Asia Medical Forum 2007

The Forum will offer a unique opportunity for leading regional and international experts to come together with a unified goal of addressing the specific issues surrounding the provision, and future needs, of effective cancer care in Asia. The Forum will focus on the ten most prevalent cancers in Asia-Pacific.

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World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC)

This unprecedented event will feature some of the most interesting topics concerning journalism.

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