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World Vaccine Congress Asia 2009

Singapore - World Vaccine Congress Asia 2009, will bring together global and regional vaccine buyers and sellers, regulators, investors, technology and service providers to discuss best business strategies in accessing different vaccine markets in Asia and forging strategic partnerships for international success.

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South East Asia Diplomatic Corps Conference

An excellent opportunity to meet like minded diplomats of all ranks.

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Carbon Showcase Asia 2009

New Delhi, India - The theme is in line with the fast-paced and dynamic business environment where carbon emission is a critical issue to be tackled by all developed countries. There is also a crucial need to boost energy and sustainable development in developing nations with innovative clean technology.

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Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference

Hong Kong: This is the 15th international interdisciplinary scientific conference on consciousness and it is opened to researchers and scholars throughout the sciences, humanities and arts.

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Women's Leadership Conference 2009

It is a three-day program, which consists of three components: study session "women's leadership and empowerment of disadvantaged groups", presentations of submitted papers.

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