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Water-powered reactions

An international team, led by Shingo Nagano from the RIKEN SPring-8 Center in Harima and Hiroyasu Onaka from Toyama Prefectural University, has uncovered the vital role of water in the generation of the antitumor drug staurosporine

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Taking proteins for a ride

A recently discovered structure in plant cells functions to transport proteins and glycans around the cell

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Pioneering research on nuclear noncoding RNA

Research on the function of a type of RNA called ‘Gomafu’ is the primary field of study at RIKEN’s Nakagawa Initiative Research Unit.

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Electrons narrow the gap

An organic compound provides the rare opportunity to study electrons that behave as if they have no mass

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The path to olfaction

Neurons conveying information about smell from the olfactory bulb communicate with multiple regions of the brain

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