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Organic lighting offers a bright future

New phosphorescent complexes improve manufacturing of high-efficiency light sources

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A matter of taste

A well-tuned sense of taste is about far more than being able to enjoy a fancy dinner—it represents a key survival mechanism, helping animals to rapidly identify potential food sources as tasty or toxic. A combination of computational and experimental techniques helps researchers to identify a gene involved in taste bud development

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Shortening the generation of generations

Immature mice father faster medical research via an assisted reproduction technique that speeds up the production of mouse models

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Elucidating the brain’s neural network

If all dendritic projections and axons in the whole brain were joined together in a line, they would extend for 100,000 kilometers. This article describes RIKEN's work on elucidating the huge complexity of the brain’s neural network.

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Gene closely related to diabetes discovered!

This year Maeda and his colleagues discovered a gene that is closely associated with the development of diabetes in East Asians, including Japanese. Now research is progressing rapidly with the aim of conquering diabetes

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