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The single photon switch

Computing based on photons rather than electrons, on the other hand, promises significantly faster computation and information processing. An international team of researchers has now developed a theoretical system that would allow single photons to be controlled reliably.

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How the body senses emergency

A receptor, induced on the surface of macrophages under stressful conditions, can detect tissue injury, stimulating inflammation and possibly repair, a RIKEN-led team of molecular biologists has discovered. Their work could provide new leads for anti-inflammatory drugs and healing.

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A unique model may describe the genetic switch that controls whether a T cell becomes a helper or a killer

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The molecular machinery of drought response

New work by researchers from RIKEN in Japan has demonstrated the dynamic process of controlling stress responses in plants. To survive, plants must react quickly to environmental hazards such as drought, cold and salt.

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The recession gene

Japanese researchers have identified a molecular mechanism by which bacteria found in hot springs can survive hard times. Interestingly, about half the genes involved are similar to those found in humans, but the key regulator gene is not.

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