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Silver keeps the electrons spinning

The future of computing may emerge not from electronics, but from ‘spintronics’. This new technology relies on the transport of electrons whose quantum spin states—or internal angular momentum—are all the same.

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‘Virtual’ reality check for superconductors

Researchers at RIKEN’s Discovery Research Institute in Wako, in collaboration with researchers from Cornell University in the US, and Kyoto University, have refined a method that measures small electronic excitations in superconductors.

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Exotic material keeps frustrated electrons flipping

RIKEN scientists have discovered a new state of matter with unusual magnetic properties—its constituent electrons are in a continuous state of flux, even at incredibly cold temperatures.

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How light can scramble time

Researchers solve the mystery of how biological clocks are disrupted - A team led by researchers from RIKEN has revealed how daily or circadian rhythms in mammals can be reinforced, shifted or disrupted by exposure to a burst of bright light.

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Sticky spins

Researchers show how spins freeze in a molecular magnet

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