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Understanding cancer in mice and men

A new mouse model of human leukemia may provide fresh insights on the genesis of the disease

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High-energy protons with polarized spin can now be produced in particle colliders, thanks to devices called Siberian snakes

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Genes, disease and ethnicity

Statistical analyses demonstrate variability in association between genes and osteoarthritis links to ethnicity. Genes can affect disease differently depending on one’s ethnicity, concludes a team of international researchers reporting in the July 2007 issue of Human Molecular Genetics[1].

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Lasing on the spot

Lasing from ‘artificial atoms’ is demonstrated for the first time. Researchers from RIKEN’s Frontier Research System in Wako, in collaboration with the NEC Nano Electronics Research Laboratory in Tsukuba, have realized the first laser made from ‘artificial atoms’ based on a superconducting electronic device.

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Regulating a regulator

Researchers identify a mechanism controlling the function of an important cellular protein

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