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‘Mind-readers’ get a clearer view

A treatment that renders brain tissue transparent allows neuroscientists to visualize neural circuitry at once-unattainable depths

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Turning the Spotlight on Drug-resistant Tumors

A newly developed group of fluorescent probes highlights cancer cells resistant to anticancer drugs

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Alzheimer's Protein Characterised

Clarification of the role of a specific protein fragment that forms toxic clumps and damages the brain could lead to therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease

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How our Brains keep us Focused

Scientists at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI) have uncovered mechanisms that help our brain to focus by efficiently routing only relevant information to perceptual brain regions.

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Crystallizing the switch to Hydrogen

Real-time x-ray measurements of remarkable rare-earth/transition metal clusters expose the secrets of storing and releasing hydrogen gas

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