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Fires of creation probed by quarks

Scientists have confirmed that a powerful particle accelerator has recreated the intense conditions that existed just microseconds after the beginning of the universe.

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Towards a treatment for epilepsy

Japanese neuroscientists from the RIKEN Brain Science Institute have uncovered a mechanism for an epileptic disorder which occurs in infants. “We hope to develop effective therapies for this intractable epilepsy from further work,” says project leader Kazuhiro Yamakawa.

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Molecules switching position

Collective motion of molecules in a crystal could lead to new electronic devices

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Layering and positioning neurons

Multipolar-to-biopolar neuronal transition is essential during brain development. A team of Japanese scientists have determined that a protein called cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5) is required for neurons to develop their proper shape.

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Wrapping up a cell biology riddle

New research has revealed how protein filaments drive a key cellular process by physically wrapping around and constricting bits of cell membrane

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