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On the scent of how a sense of smell develops

Neurobiologists from Japan and the US have identified a signaling system functioning during vertebrate development that controls the proper positioning of cells giving rise to future olfactory neurons, and their eventual correct wiring to the brain.

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Laser light switches molecular bonds

Researchers from the RIKEN SPring-8 Center in Harima and from the universities of Tsukuba and Tokyo have demonstrated that laser light of a single wavelength can induce reversible transformations in the molecular bond, leading to changes in a material’s magnetic properties.

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Surviving separation

Japanese researchers may have found a simple solution to the problem of keeping human embryonic stem (hES) cells alive after dissociation of the embryo into individual cells.

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Investigating a perplexing mystery

Ultrahigh-energy cosmic particles are an intriguing puzzle in high-energy physics, and RIKEN is involved in a project to solve it. RIKEN proposal for the second utilization plan of the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) on board the International Space Station was recently accepted

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Observing single cells on the move

Researchers hold a key to studying cancer, wound healing and development

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