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Boosting the harmonics of light–matter interaction

A team of researchers from the RIKEN Discovery Research Institute has shown that the strong light–matter interaction between a short laser pulse and a mix of the two noble gases helium and neon can be used to create laser pulses with very high energies and extremely short duration. This work marks the beginning of an entirely new research field.

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Metal complexes take shape

Researchers provide a detailed insight into the change in structure of a metal complex when exposed to light. This study not only sheds new light on the fundamental question of how metal-ligand complexes change shape in real time, but could have implications for practical applications that use these materials.

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A concerted effort

Ultrafast fluorescence measurements used to resolve controversy over proton transfer in a chemical reaction

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Researchers find a gene controlling embryo orientation

Developmental biologists from RIKEN working with Japanese and Canadian colleagues have located an important gene that regulates the establishment of the head-to-tail or anterior-to-posterior (A–P) axis in mice. The future development of the whole embryo is orientated to this point of reference.

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Playing tag highlights genetic disorder

A team of Japanese scientists led by Akimitsu Okamoto from the RIKEN Frontier Research System, Wako, has developed a new method for tagging a particular DNA base responsible for causing cancer.

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