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Modeling retinitis pigmentosa with iPS cells

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a cluster of genetically determined eye disorders that cause visual defects such as night blindness and narrowing of the field of vision, due to progressive loss of rod photoreceptors. New work by Zi-Bing Jin and colleagues looks to add a set of powerful new tools for those searching for treatments for RP.

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New role for phosphorylation in heterochromatin

A great many cellular processes are switched on or off by the modification of a given enzyme or other protein by addition of a phosphate molecule, known as phosphorylation. In a new study, researchers at RIKEN have shown that phosphorylation of the protein HP1α boosts its ability to bind to heterochromatin resulting in stabilization of chromosomes

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The roots of respiration

The structure of a greenhouse gas-producing bacterial enzyme may yield insights into the evolution of our earliest oxygen-breathing ancestors

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Predicting a chain of order

Calculations can now predict when and how spins of electrons and ions arrange in one-dimensional multiferroic materials

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Caught in the act

An analysis of the interactions of a gene-reading enzyme with an inhibitor protein provides surprising insights

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