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Towards a radical treatment for leukemia

Humanized mouse models help clarify the origins of leukemia and the cellular processes that lead to its recurrence, providing hope for a cure for this intractable blood disease.

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Hydrogen gas: Under pressure

Simulations have explained the peculiar nature of molecular hydrogen vibration under high pressure

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Particles that are their own worst enemies

A newly proposed superconducting device could lead to the first observation of particles that are their own antiparticles

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Exploring new horizons of cerebellum research

Masao Ito, founder of the RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI), is famous as one of the pioneers in a research movement that has shed light on the deeper functions of the cerebellum. Ito recounts the story of this research in his own words.

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Pulling it together

Research at the Electron Microscope Laboratory is shedding light on the elegant mechanisms that control the push and shove of cells in living organisms

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