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Embryonic development—lost in space?

Experiments simulating zero-gravity conditions reveal developmental difficulties arising from mammalian reproduction in space

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Key mucosal immune response mechanism identified

Press Release - A key mechanism involved in immune surveillance in the intestinal system is described by a team of researchers at RIKEN and Yokohama City University. Their research will appear in Nature on 12 November and could provide new targets for oral vaccines for infectious diseases and allergies.

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Shaping the way we move

Press Release - In a paper to appear in Nature Neuroscience, researchers at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute challenge conventional thinking on neuron function and shed light on the mechanisms governing self-initiated voluntary movement.

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Getting membrane proteins into the fold

A new preparation method promises to bring a challenging but clinically important subset of proteins within easier reach of scientists

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Keeping the circadian clock ticking

The daily rhythm of mammals is maintained by a key molecular process that is unaffected by changes in ambient temperature

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