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Citizen Research Foundation




Citizen research foundation has started taken its shape as its formal registration was done under president ship of online research Journalist Dr.Dinesh Singh Rawat on 4th September 2007 at Panchkula in the state of Haryana( India)

Citizen Research Foundation objectives

1. To spread scientific research based knowledge to citizens cutting across all barriers of cast, creed, gender, regions and religions.

2. To create Online Data Base, by making research on all subjects and issues related to common citizens like health, education, transport, environment, social development etc. in such a manner, that common citizens can better understand these issues pertaining to their survival.

3. To publish researches done by Citizen Research Foundation in all possible forms like Print, audio visual and online media.

4. To make Right to Information Act a real time tool for social development of citizens.

5. To do citizen based action oriented researches through usage of all modern technologies like information and communication technology, mechanical, electronic etc.

6. To work for “equal knowledge with equal collage” policy which says that every citizen has a right to access the Education/ Research Knowledge Institution to make him or her a knowledgeable.

7. To work to achieve the goal of “2020” as dreamed by our former President Dr APJ Kalam, to make our nation a developed nation by using information and communication technology as a tool to achieve above said mission through citizen based researches application

8. To work for making education environment in Indian research oriented so that education can become more interactive and interesting by doing seminars, conferences, personal contact programmes and all other modes of communication

9. To work for poverty ridden people by doing research on issues related to poverty eradication, hunger, gender biasness etc.

10. To encourage and support common citizens to do small and big researches on issues relates to their daily lives and action like understanding and interaction of all those actions, which are covered under the name of superstitions and unscientific ways, by their innovation.

11. To increase social interaction amongst citizens cutting across the Geographical Barrier.

12. To make free and fair and fast knowledge network so that the river of knowledge can be reached up to grass root level of citizens.

13. To aware common citizens regarding various public welfare Government & Non-Government Schemes

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