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Microfluidics: Creating chaos

A quiet revolution is taking place in the fields of biology and chemistry. Microfluidic devices, which allow fluid manipulation in micro-scale channels, are slowly but surely finding their place on the lab bench. A new microfluidic device can operate as a mixer or a valve, improving the efficiency of micro-scale laboratory apparatus.

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Materials science: Perfecting the defect

Simulations of defects inside copper point the way to making stronger metals. Results show that there are many different deformation mechanisms occurring in nano-structured materials like nanotwinned copper. Understanding each of them will allow scientists to tune material properties.

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Biophysics: Order in chaos

Bin Chen of the A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing and Huajian Gao at Brown University, US, have built a model to illustrate the process of skeletal muscle contraction. A combination of random protein movements and the elasticity inside muscles helps to maintain a steady force during skeletal muscle contraction.

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Nanomaterials: Making a bluer light

A new design for nanoparticles that absorb low-energy light and emit high-energy light may find use in biological imaging

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Electronics: A perfect vision

A low-temperature method could be used to ‘grow’ transparent zinc oxide films for use in displays and solar cells

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