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Business Law Beyond Borders

The SMU Centre for Cross-Border Commercial Law in Asia (CEBCLA) is facilitating Singapore’s development as a major commercial law centre by conducting rigorous research on the practice of commercial law in Asia’s increasingly complex business environment.

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Pushing Boundaries in Software Analytics

Researches at the Singapore Management University have developed an automated 'debugging' approach called Adaptive Multimodal Bug Localisation (AML). AML gleans debugging hints from both bug reports and test cases, and it performs a statistical analysis to pinpoint programme elements that are likely to contain bugs.

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Mergers & Acquisitions: The Asian Way

A study from the Singapore Management University looks into the laws that govern mergers and acquisitions in Asia’s fast-changing landscape. Among other things, it found that independent financial advisers opinions, that were issued on takeover offers on the Singapore stock exchange, were not based on independently verified information.

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The Race Against Time

A researcher at the Singapore Management University is developing econometric models that can provide us with a clearer picture of global markets such as the inter-continental relationships and daily shifts of stock markets, currency exchanges and interest rates.

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Cash: Friend or Foe?

Research into cash-rich companies is revealing insights into corporate governance and shareholder value according to studies done at the Singapore Management University.

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