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The Public Intellectual

What is the impact of public and private sector policies on Singapore’s society? A researcher at the Singapore Management University (SMU) explores the topic in various perspectives from constitutional and administrative law, to the drivers of corporate social responsibility in Singapore, and to the treatment of foreign domestic workers.

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Taking Action for Social Change

Using 'action research' approach, researchers at the Singapore Management University (SMU) are designing new or improved social services in order to help better understand and respond to the needs of vulnerable communities in Singapore.

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The Vibrant Tapestry of Social Networks

A researcher of the Singapore Management University has developed analysis models to study the intricate social networks that exist between people. From predictive studies of street gangs to suicide bombers, the new models have shown the relevance to social problems and international security threats.

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The Law Professor Blogger

A researcher at Singapore Management University co-founded the Singapore Law Blog in 2014 to disseminate legal knowledge to the general public. The blog, which is sponsored by the Singapore Academy of Law via its Innovations and Ideas Scheme, is written without legal jargon and freely accessible by members of the public.

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Ethical Business Leaders

A study by researchers from Singapore and US looked at how a company’s senior management team could contribute to good corporate governance. They found that as key subordinate executives’ horizon and influence increased, the extent of real earnings management in the company decreased.

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