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Keeping Chief Executives in Check

Researchers at the Singapore Management University are helping to find the elusive balance between holding chief executives accountable and freeing them up to innovate. One study found that the increase in board independence did not drive change but what made the real difference was the access to company information.

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Don’t Underestimate Undergraduates

Collaborative research with undergraduate students in Singapore is investigating different topics in social sciences: from signed ties - positive or negative relationships within a social network - to migrant workers' mental health.

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The Yuan Goes Global

Exchange rates do not only affect the global competitiveness of a country’s exports, but also contribute to the stability of its trading and investment environment. A study from Singapore looks at how Asian countries manage their currencies, and the impact of these policies on their economies.

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Monitoring the Managers

Research from Singapore examines the impact of financial accounting standards on how managers and firms act and how reliable the information they disseminate is. The ultimate purpose is to help people solve economic problems.

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Crossing Legal Fault Lines

By examining private transactions that connect two or more countries, a study from Singapore aims to shed light on how globalisation has affected the practice of private international law. In particular, it is looking at whether Singapore courts should recognise and enforce a judgement handed down from class litigation in the US.

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