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Helping Businesses Embrace Transformational Technology

Researchers in Singapore are helping institutions understand both the benefits and risks of real-time business transactions. They have provided businesses with economic and strategic insights by their collaborative efforts in research areas that span data analytics to information security and software systems.

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Mapping Pakistan’s Power Grid

The electrical power sector in Pakistan provides a lens through which researchers can examine the government’s level of service to its citizens. The research project aims to produce the country's first electricity distribution map.

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Keeping the Singapore Dream Alive

Researchers are studying the driving forces and trends underlying socioeconomic mobility in Singapore. They have found that parents’ income and occupations were major factors in predicting the occupations and incomes they would eventually achieve.

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Let’s Not Forget Minority Shareholders

Minority investors need to be protected through better information and corporate governance. A study from Singapore aims to achieve this by understanding how minority investors fair in companies dominated by majority shareholders.

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The Real-Life Game of Risk

Researchers in Singapore and UK have examined whether banks that recognised their potential loan losses early also priced their loans at a higher rate compared to other banks. Their results showed that banks with conservative accounting were indeed more prudent in their lending.

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