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Powering the bottom line

A risk-based optimization scheme boosts confidence and profitability for future mixed-technology power plants.

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The raw power of human motion

Standalone power modules that harvest and convert vibrations from their surroundings into electricity could soon fuel future microsystems.

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Tuning in to magnetic ink

A new ink containing iron-oxide nanoparticles can be turned into fully printed and versatile components for cellular networks.

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Minding the gap ahead of future fuels

Oil expert Tadeusz Patzek aims to ensure that efficient recovery of oil and gas remains feasible whilst scientists find alternative green energy sources.

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Low pressure reduces bubble trouble

Spray coating and inkjet-based electronics manufacture are among the industrial applications in which liquid droplets are applied to a surface. But minuscule air bubbles that get trapped beneath the droplet as it lands can affect the coating’s quality and uniformity.

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