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Research News
One-Dimensional Crystals for Low-Temperature Thermoelectric Cooling

Researchers at Nagoya University report high thermoelectric powers in one-dimensional crystals for practical low-temperature cooling.

Going with the flow: The forces that affect species’ movements in a changing climate

Ocean currents affect how climate change impacts movements of species to cooler regions.

A Novel Treatment for Improving Leather Recovery Performance

A cross-linkable spring-like polymer finishing agent inserted into calfskin leather for high elastic recovery performance.

First genomic data of mussels reveals how they survive under extreme conditions

Researchers in Hong Kong have assembled the 1.64 gigabytes genome of a deep-sea mussel. The discovery gives wider insights into future research on the mechanisms of symbiosis in other marine organisms such as giant tubeworms and giant clams.

Sensing Insole for Footstrike Pattern Detection in Runners

Researchers at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) have developed a mobile biofeedback device for footstrike pattern modification for injury prevention and rehabilitation in runners.