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Blink and you'll miss it

A faster approach for computer detection of moving objects in video takes us a step closer to mimicking the reflexive detection ability of the animal visual system.

3D particle tracking? There's an app for that

Smartphones put state-of-the-art 3D particle tracking in the hands of the masses.

Mechanisms Explaining Positional Diversity of the Hindlimb in Tetrapod Evolution

Researchers at Nagoya University uncover the gene and protein involved in the determination of the hind legs in tetrapods.

How Whip-like Cell Appendages Promote Bodily Fluid Flow

Researchers at Nagoya University have identified a molecule that enables cell appendages called cilia to beat in a coordinated way to drive the flow of fluid around the brain; this prevents the accumulation of this fluid, which otherwise leads to swelling of the head as found in the condition hydrocephalus.

HKUST Discovers New Technology to Capture Live Cell Images Opening New Possibilities to the Study of Cell Biology

Researchers at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have developed a new generation of microscope, which not only could capture 3D live cell videos, but the resulted images are also of much higher quality, greatly enhancing the accuracy and the scope of research on cell biology.