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Research News
PolyU 80th Anniversary Global Leader Lecture by Professor Hau L. LEE on “Creating IN and OUT Values Through Entrepreneurial Innovations”

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) invited Professor Hau L. Lee, a leading scholar in global supply chain management, entrepreneurship and innovations in developing economies, and value chain strategies, to speak at the PolyU 80th Anniversary Global Leader Lecture Series on 28 June 2017.

Buildings’ role in addressing climate change

Electricity consumption in buildings will rise and increases the GHG emissions. The biggest challenge for energy and carbon emissions reduction is not only the relatively cheap price of electricity, but to refurbish existing buildings to become more energy efficient and lessen its environmental impacts.

Nagoya University chemists turn metal catalysis on its head for a sustainable future

Nagoya University team used high-valent transition metal catalysts for an unconventional hydrogenation of carboxylic acid groups, common to biomass feedstocks. The high-valent catalysts showed good selectivity under mild conditions.

Ancient viral “fossils” reveal evolutionary mechanisms

Studying DNA fragments left by ancient viruses in their host’s genome has shown even non-autonomous viruses could prosper by helping each other.

Cambodia’s Ministries Come Together to Address Wildlife Trafficking

A first-ever milestone event brought together Cambodian officials and others today to discuss law enforcement options and responses to wildlife trafficking –an increasing threat to the world’s wildlife species.