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 Dr Kyoko Kusakabe
Dr Kyoko Kusakabe

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English, Japanese

Areas of expertise:
migrant workers, Thailand, Burma, Gender and Development


KYOKO KUSAKABE, BA, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan; MSc,
PhD, AIT, Thailand.

Associate Professor, Gender and Development Studies Field of Study

Courses taught: Women's employment under macro- economic changes; Gender issues in trade and migration; Women and micro-vendors/ informal sector; Borderland studies, Gender issues in organizations, Gender and development policy and planning; Gender issues in fisheries/aquaculture.

Research Interests: Impact of economic globalization on gender relations especially focusing on women's work; Gender issues in aquaculture and fisheries; Women's access to technology, women's role in trade chain, and the relationship with women¹s mobility; Informal economy and social security; Border, market and state: ways women in the borderlands negotiate with markets and states; Gender analysis of organizations and gender mainstreaming

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