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 Professor Hee Soo Lee
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Professor Hee Soo Lee

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Korea, Republic Of

Korean, English

Areas of expertise:
anthropology, Middle East, Islam, 9/11, culture

Professor Hee Soo Lee is an area specialist in the field of Middle East & Islamic World. He got his Ph.D. degree from the Istanbul University, Turkey and has experience in teaching at the Istanbul Marmara University as an assistant professor. For more than 30 years since 1978, he has conducted remarkable research on Minority Issues of the Middle East, Islam and Secularization, Change of the Islamic World since 9/11 Events and more in many countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Kuwait, and Uzbekistan. He has visited Turkey more than 100 times. Now he is teaching the subjects like Ethnic History, Minority Issues, Islamic Culture, Silk Road Civilization, and Area Studies on the Middle East.

- Study on Islamization of the Itaewon area in Seoul.

- The 9/11 Events and NewApproach to Islam and the Middle East in Korean Society
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