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 Mr Dung, Tran Cong
 Dr Dylan Clark
Institution: University of Toronto Country of residence: Canada
Keywords: Gifts and commodities Indonesia Reciprocity
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 Dr Eckart Woertz
Institution: Gulf Research Center Country of residence: United Arab Emirates
Keywords: Gulf Economics
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 Associate Professor Dr Edward LO
Institution: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Country of residence: Hong Kong
Keywords: Renewable energy, Building automation
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 Prof. Efraim Inbar
Institution: Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies Country of residence: Israel
Keywords: strategic thinking and security policy, public opinion on national security issues, strategic ties to Turkey, CIS Moslem republics, India, Korea, fighting doctrine, force structure, special operations, low-intensity warfare, war of attrition with the PA, U.S. arms sales, strategic and military commitments, European Mideast policy, EU-Israel strategic dialogue, nuclear weapons, insurgency and stability in Iraq, nuclearization of Iran, Palestinian statehood – options and risks
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