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Research News
Seafood on the menu for bone repair [Asia Research News 2018 feature]

Cockle shells could be potential scaffolds for tissue engineering.

The photo that launched the world's largest galaxy survey [Asia Research News 2018 feature]

The stunningly clear images of galaxies captured by a huge camera aboard the Subaru telescope in Hawaii began with a breath-taking photo of our nearest neighbour.

To be or not to be a white blood cell, that is the question

Japanese scientists have revealed a biological “switch” that influences whether an immature blood cell would develop into a red blood cell or a subtype of white blood cell called myeloid cells in response to infection or inflammation within the body.

Trees’ species and age affect carbon emissions

Climate change forecasts could improve by better understanding the variation in natural carbon emissions from different vegetation types.

Walking football for active lifestyle among children

The incidence and prevalence of childhood obesity is increasing due to many risks factors, such as, food intake, increasing TV watching time and fewer activities. Children who are less active and do fewer physical or sports activities have been related to poor fitness level and excessive weight gain.